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HiMed Solutions

The best medical records management system in the CLOUD





We serve with love

We serve with love

Document management

Document management

What does HiMed offer you?

We are a company created by health professionals, who based on their experience identified the needs of patient care and safe management of their clinical information.

  • Cloud platform

  • Specialized technical support

  • Clinic history

  • Scheduling

  • Updates

  • Billing

Why HiMed?



More 13 years of experience.


Presence in 23 departments


More than 4398 users.

1 M of Attentions

7.449.884 Queries and procedures

What they say about us

  • comillas

    Doctora Claudia Cristina López R.

    I am very satisfied with Himed, the program is friendly, easy to use, complete and the most important thing is the technical support they have.

    Gynecology and obstetrics, laparoscopy. El Tesoro Business Center, Las Américas Clinic.
  • comillas

    Doctor Jorge Alberto Restrepo Quiroz.

    Excellent technical support and satisfactory accompaniment. I have no problems with the software.

    Otolaryngology. Las Vegas clinic. Medellin, Colombia
  • comillas

    Doctor Fernando Herazo Maya.

    HiMed loyal user, facilitates my professional practice. Highly recommended.

    Mastology. Medellin Village Clinic, Colombia
  • comillas

    Doctor Apolinar Sierra.

    HiMed is very practical and easy to handle.

    Gynecology and obstetrics. SOMA Clinic, San Fernando plaza. Medellin.
  • comillas

    Jorge Iván Ramírez Mejía

    This life project was born more than 10 years ago, in the company of three people with a common dream, to facilitate the administrative work of the health professional. Currently HiMed web is being recognized in the medical community of Colombia, we have more than 600 users in various specialties and prestigious clinics. Institutions like SURA They give us all their confidence, to be your business ally with the BUSINESS COLLABORATION AGREEMENT for your specialists.

    Systems engineer, HiMed technology consultant.
  • comillas

    Doctor Mauricio Lema Medina.

    I have always been convinced that the quality of medicine depends on the proper handling of information. HiMed doctor allows me to promptly record all the necessary aspects of the clinical history of my patients. With HiMed doctor I can know all the care processes that my patient presents in the oncology clinic that adopted him as his medical records system.

    Hemato-Oncologist. Astorga oncology clinic. Medellin
  • comillas

    Doctor Christian Cock Hernández.

    Transparent, efficient, quality company, with timely service. As a gastroenterologist and in our center of digestive endoscopy and colonoscopy, in the medical tower of the treasure center, we feel very supported. Thanks Himed!

    General surgery and gastroenterology. Medical tower, Mall el tesoro. Medellín
  • comillas

    The HiMed clinical history system has been a great help in the care of my patients, since it integrates the history with the formulation and application of exams in an easy and practical way. A great tool for my office.

    Médica Nutritionist.
  • comillas

    Doctor Luis Fernando Cadavid V.

    The HiMed medical records management system is a very friendly, simple, very complete program, with timely technical support and especially, it allows me to consult the clinical history of my patients from the place where I am.

    Urogynecology Las Vegas clinic. Medellin
  • comillas

    Doctor Jaime Alberto Velásquez Ortega.

    HiMed for several years has been a fundamental tool in my daily medical practice, and its technical-scientific support is maximum. Thank you Himed.

    Orthopedics and traumatology. Las Vegas clinic. Medellin

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At HiMed Solutions we think about your safety and that of your patients, that is why we have Rackspace, the best technological ally for cloud computing services.

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