Our history

HiMed Solutions

We are a company created by health professionals, who based on their experience identified the needs of patient care and safe management of their clinical information.


We facilitate the management of information to health providers and patients, seeking the best user experience through technological solutions.


In HiMed we will be the leader of health information management of outpatient providers and patients nationwide by 2022.

Software HiMed ®

This is how we were born in 2007 creating our technological tool, HiMed ® Software for medical records in the cloud, at the service of the health sector; which allows their professionals to have the most complete information of their patients in an agile, friendly and safe way, and also allows them to offer quality time in their consultations.

Our Founders with a vision of the future

Mauricio Lema Medina

Médico Internista y Hemato-OncólogoMiembro Junta Directiva HiMed ®

Carlos Eduardo Mesa Cano

Médico General, con especialización en Auditoría de la calidad en salud Gerente Profamilia Miembro Junta Directiva HiMed ®

Jorge Iván Ramírez Mejía

Ingeniero de Sistemas, con amplia experiencia en manejo de redes y servidores. Miembro Junta Directiva HiMed

Ana Cristina Martínez Delgado

Médico General con especialización en Gerencia Hospitalaria y Gerencia Administrativa. Ex-Directora Colsánitas. Con experiencia administrativa en salud por más de 20 años. Actual Gerente General HiMed ®

Our corporate values


It is the ability to generate proposals that allow to create or improve processes, services, products or procedures, in order to positively impact the productivity and competitiveness of the company.

Assertive communication

It is the ability to convey ideas, information and opinions clearly, truthfully and convincingly, in writing and orally, by listening and being receptive to the proposal of others.

Excellence in service

We exceed the expectations of the external and internal customer.


It is the ability to articulate work in different areas and people to achieve the proposed objective.

Financial sustainability

We are constantly looking for income for the organization.